Sunday, February 10, 2013

Letter and Color Themed Meals

If you're wanting some ideas on how to create some fun themed meals, here are a few letter and color suggestions with recipe links.

Foods That Begin with the Letter A:

-Arugula leaves with chopped and toasted Almonds and diced Apples with Annie's Natural Dressing (your choice of flavor)

-Artichoke Alfredo over Angelhair pasta. Here's a link to my Fettuccine Alfredo. Instead of using the fettuccine noodles, use angelhair noodles, and add 1 can of artichokes (13-15 oz., the kind that come packed in water). Drain most of the water from the can, then cook them on the stovetop over medium heat in a tiny bit of water for about 5 minutes. Add them to the alfredo when you're adding the noodles. It's delicious.

-Arnold Palmers or Apple Juice for drinks

Foods That Begin with the Letter B:

-Brown Bread with Butter

-Breakfast Bao. All the same ingredients, except when you come to the pork, use Jimmy Dean pork sausage and scramble a few eggs. These are so good!

-Broccoli Beef. I have 2 different Broccoli Beef recipes, so look them over and see which one you like best! Broccoli Beef 1 or Broccoli Beef 2

-Belgian Beer for drinks

Orange Foods (I've done this theme for Halloween a few times):

-Orange Chicken


-Cheetos (for one meal a year, it's totally acceptable)

-Pumpkin Pie

If you don't want to make the orange chicken, you can always make macaroni and cheese!

-Orange Juice to drink

Have fun being creative!

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