Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thai Wraps

These wraps are excellent! Great for when having company over; everyone makes their own, and there are tons of ingredients to choose from! There are no precise measurements; it's to your liking.

flour tortillas
carrots, julienne
caramelized onion slices
hot white rice
cooked chicken, diced
sesame seeds
bean sprouts
cilantro, chopped
roasted bell peppers, sliced
peanut sauce (see recipe link below)

Take 1 flour tortilla, load it up with all the ingredients (or at least the ones you want). Wrap it up and enjoy. I recommend a LOT of peanut sauce. You can even use some for dipping your wrap in. Here is a link to the peanut sauce recipe: Peanut Sauce. Enjoy!

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